Session prep

What are some tips to make the most of my photo shoot?

  1. Think about what the images will be used for. Will your photographs be displayed in a coffee table book, a collection of canvases for a wall gallery, or large framed wall portrait? Think about the colors in your home where you images might be displayed, and we can be sure to coordinate even your clothing selections to match that aesthetic.
  2. If you want an outdoor location, schedule a morning or early evening shoot when the light is most flattering.  (Harsh mid-day light can cast unflattering shadows)   For an in-home session, ensure that the desired area has plenty of natural light and moveable furniture if possible.
  3. Select a few different outfits to wear, and layer when possible.  Have family members coordinate by selecting a basic clothing color palette to follow, but not exactly match (don’t want it to look like you are wearing uniforms!).   Stay away from large, bold patterns and large logos.  It is best to go for a timeless look, that you can treasure 10+ years from now.
  4. Select a few nearby locations to get a variety of images.  A railroad, lake, restaurant, hotel, park…
  5. Bring a few props that help express your style, personality or have sentimental value:  vintage jewelry, a special blanket, classic toy, unique chair, cowboy boots… the possibilities are endless.
  6. Bring along a friend if you can!  Someone that can help you change clothes, touch up your makeup and hair, help with the kids, or carry props and personal items.  
  7. Bring water & snacks for yourself & the kids!  It’s best to come prepared with something on hand just in case!    
  8. Having your makeup professionally done is a wonderful way to pamper yourself and ensure you look your best.  How your make-up reflects in a photograph is much different than how it is seen in person.  Please use matte bronzers & blushes – powders with sparkle/metallics do not photograph as well as skin will look oily.  Make sure to bring lip gloss & powder with you for touch-ups.


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