About The Studio

We believe that great images are created rather than taken.  While we want an overall effortless, natural and timeless look to the final images, this outcome takes planning and creative vision in selecting location, clothing, props & posing, with forethought to the final image editing.  When you commission a professional photographer the images made are a reflection of that preparation.  To help make the process as simple as possible for our clients, we offer stylized themed mini-sessions throughout the year, or the option to commission custom designed sessions personalized to your family.   

the images we create over time piece together the story of a family

In all sessions we provide our clients with edited digital images to print as they wish and for backup purposes.  However, life happens, and those digital images often sit on a computer waiting to be turned into printed art for way too long!  

To help ensure the best experience possible, we want to begin with how you will ultimately use your photos.  Perhaps as a wall gallery or art book?  Many clients choose to have their photo taken to document special milestones or yearly growth, but don't have a plan with what to do with their images afterwards.  We like to help you think through these possibilities so that you can get the most of your session!